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  • Health and WellnessMedical Or Recreational: What Kind Of Weed Works For You?

    Medical Or Recreational: What Kind Of Weed Works For You?

    You have read about the science of cannabis, and you have heard from many sources that weed can work wonders to improve health, lower stress, and provide a multitude of other benefits. You might feel that it is finally time to dip your toes into this dank trend. However, before you can buy some legal bud, you have an important decision…

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  • Facts5 Mind-Blowing Cannabis Stories You Won't Believe

    5 Mind-Blowing Cannabis Stories You Won’t Believe

    David Triplett Source: Harvard Health – Harvard University David Triplett has a similar story to Rick Simpson and claims to have successfully treated skin cancer using medical marijuana. Triplett refused his prescription chemotherapy treatment for a cannabis-based natural alternative. David found that while surgery had been unable to get rid of the lesions plaguing his skin, marijuana did. The rising…

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