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    Aliens Are Real, But Humans Will kill Them All

    Things being what they are, the reason haven’t Earthlings heard a peep from these universes? Where is everyone? Today, this inquiry is also called the Fermi oddity. Specialists have glided numerous conceivable answers throughout the years. Their answers extending from “The Aliens are for the most part stowing away submerged,” to “They all kicked the bucket,” Alexander Berezin is a…

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  • Factschocolate can cause death

    Did You Know Chocolate Can Cause Death?

    “Too much of anything is dangerous”. Indeed, an excess of everything is harmful, be it sleep, exercise, confidence, coffee and even your favorite food- chocolate! Have you ever wondered that the chocolate, which immediately lightens up your mood, improves your brain function and even lowers the risks of heart disease, can actually cause death? Via- The Major Component- Theobromine…

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    Does Blue Food Kill Your Appetite? Find Out Now!

    Blue – A Popular Colour Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. On most of my shopping days, I end up picking blue. One of my friends had once commented, “Every second dress of yours is blue!” However, I am not the only one who has an affinity towards this color. Extensive studies have concluded that blue is…

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