• Facts5 Popular Backyard Games For Kids

    6 Popular Backyard Games For Kids

    Looking for some fun activities for kids to do in the backyard? Parents these days are all trying to figure out how to keep their kids busy at home. Instead of giving them video consoles and tabs, why not entertain them with some traditional kids’ game? It’s normal for kids aged six and above to get up to 60 minutes…

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  • The Evolution of Parenting: What Millennials Want to Instill in Their Kids

    When you hear Baby Boomers and Generation X talking, you can often hear that Millennials are said to be selfish, self-oriented, entitled and completely lost when it comes to thinking about their future. However, studies show that this simply isn’t the case but that Millennials might be the best parents history has ever seen.  Millennial parents are more focused on…

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  • Adventure Day – How to Take Family Fun Outside

    Springtime is almost here, and that means we can finally peel our noses off our windows as we longingly stared at the cold, snow covered outdoors. However, it’s not as easy to engage every child into going out to a picnic, or a hike. Sometimes, we need to “sweeten the pot” with some additional activities that will cater to a…

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  • Factscartoon characters

    Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Characters Original Names

    Via Source: Know Your Meme As a 90’s kids, you probably grew up watching Mickey, Tweety and, Tom and Jerry. But had other decisions been made, your childhood memories would have been filled with Mortimer, Orson and, Jasper and Jinx.  Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Characters Original Names 1. Tweety Bird was Olsen via In 1942, Tweety Bird was a…

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  • Facts

    Blood Curdling Lore Of The Black Eyed Children

    Imagine you’re lounging at your place and in the middle of the night, out of nowhere, you hear a knock on the door. You assume someone needs your help, so you slide open the door. But what you now see is something that chills your spine! TWO LITTLE KIDS WITH UNALLOYED BLACK EYES. These are the Black-Eyed Children. Via –…

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