• FactsAlien Territory On Earth Socotra Island

    The Alien Territory On Earth Socotra Island

    What if I told you that this place on Earth seems to come straight from a Hollywood sci-fi movie? The jewel of biodiversity, Socotra island, is a part of an archipelago in the Arabian Ocean. After Yemen’s unification in the year 1990, this alien-looking island became a part of the Republic of Yemen. Standing isolated since the dawn of existence,…

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  • Factscat islands

    Have You Visited These Cat Islands In Japan?

    They say if you adore cats more than dogs then you have the higher intelligent quotient. The cute little creatures with almond-shaped eyes and a variety of fur are real love. It’s hard to resist the playful antics and soft little bodies of kittens. Additionally, if we talk about Japan, they are well-known for their love affairs with cats. They…

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  • Factsdangerous islands

    5 Most Dangerous Islands Of The World

    Islands certainly make for an exotic holiday destination. From sitting under the rustling palms, sunbathing and gazing at the clear blue sea to engaging in activities like snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving, islands provide a perfect escape from the busy world into the serene, peaceful beauty of nature. But, not all islands are suitable for exploration; there are some which…

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  • All You Need To Know About Kala Pani Ki Saza

    Ever heard of ‘Kala Pani ki Saza’? Well, you might have heard or read about it in either your history lesson or in some patriotic movie. But do you actually know what it was? Let’s have a glance at this horrible punishment given to the freedom fighters during the British regime. Kala Pani Prison or the Cellular Jail situated in…

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