• Factsfacts about the number 23!

    23 Enthralling Facts About The Number 23

    If you ask people what is so special about the number 23, most of them would answer that it comes between the numbers 22 and 24. They will get surprised by your question. Indeed, the number comes between 22 and 24, but still, it has a lot of facts that are unknown to the common man. 23 Enthralling Facts About…

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  • HistoryJinn

    10 Types Of Jinns: Fascinating And Mysterious Entities

    Jinn (Arabic), romanized and anglicized as djinn and genies, are considered spirits or demons are supernatural creatures that existed in the pre-Islamic and the later Islamic mythology and theology. According to Islamic theology, the jinn is an invisible entity who roamed the world even before Adam, the first human, was created. God created jinns out of a mixture of fire…

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  • Factshistory of kashmir

    An awesome History of Kashmir and various religions in the valley

    Kashmir, or the ‘paradise on earth’ is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The mountains are the protectors of the people of Kashmir. It was through these mountains, different religions and cultures came into the valleys of Kashmir. The history of Kashmir was always a diverse one as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam had an important impact on its people. The history of…

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  • Historycover their head during worship

    Why Do People Cover Their Heads During Worship?

    We all know that there are certain rules to be followed when one visits a holy place. Certain etiquettes must be taken into consideration when we worship the God Almighty. One of the etiquettes is to cover our heads while worshiping. But why do People Cover Their Heads During Worship? In this article we will be discussing what covering the…

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