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    Louis Braille: The Great Vision Of A Blind Man

    Louis Braille is known for inventing the Braille System, the writing system used by visually impaired people to write and read. He changed the lives of blind people all around the world and was an invaluable contributor to the world as we know It. Let’s have a look at the fascinating life of an extraordinary man. Born Sighted Louis may…

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  • Factspopular conlangs

    Klingon, Dothraki, Elvish & More: Popular Conlangs and Their Origins

    via- Conlangs, (Constructed Languages) well known in the modern pop culture were made for fictional worlds. However, languages such as Klingon, Sindarin/Quenya, Dothraki and some of our other favorites gained immense popularity and ventured outside their cinematic world, onto the tongues of die-hard fans. Let’s have a look at the origins of some of the most iconic conlangs made…

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  • Know The Man Behind Latest Innovation – Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

    The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch which is produced by Samsung Electronics in the Samsung Gear family of devices. Pranav Mistry, the Global Senior Vice President of Research at Samsung and the head of Think Tank Team is the man behind Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Many have not much information about Mr. Mistry, so let’s unfold some facts about him. Pranav Mistry Is a:…

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  • Louis Pasteur: The Behind The Process Of Pasteurization

    The man who with his discoveries have saved many lives,  the man who reduced mortality from puerperal fever, and created the first ever vaccines for rabies and anthrax, the man who is known for his invention of the technique of treating milk to stop bacterial contamination (Pasteurization) was none other than Louis Pasteur. He is considered to be as one of…

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  • History

    Did You Know The Man Who Invented Bottle Caps And Its Opener?

    William Painter: Man who Invented Bottle Caps and its Opener Many of us have studied or read about inventions and discoveries around the globe and, several inspire us to step forward to chase our dreams. Today we are talking about William Painter, the man who invented Bottle Caps and its opener. His invention has changed our lives forever. Via: William Painter…

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