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    The Remarkable History of Bubble Gum

    Bubble gum is a universal confection- something that everyone from children to adults has regularly. There are so many brands and flavours, and who can resist chewing on a fruity candy that also provides an added element of fun? You indeed must have spent some time trying to blow the biggest bubble you can. Hopefully, it ended in success, and…

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  • Fashion

    Could Acid-Proof Makeup Become A Reality? Acid attacks have a huge impact on people’s lives, both physically and mentally.  Statistics show that acid attacks have become extremely common these days. An estimated 60% of the attacks go unreported as victims fear reprisal.Resources are usually only available in urban areas, leading to under-reporting in rural areas.Acid attacks occur all over the world but this type of violence…

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  • Facts

    Louis Braille: The Great Vision Of A Blind Man

    Louis Braille is known for inventing the Braille System, the writing system used by visually impaired people to write and read. He changed the lives of blind people all around the world and was an invaluable contributor to the world as we know It. Let’s have a look at the fascinating life of an extraordinary man. Born Sighted Louis may…

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  • HistoryInvention of Pencil

    Have You Ever Wondered of the Unparalleled Invention of Pencil?

    There is no denial of the fact that every one of us, must have used Pencils in our childhood. But have you ever wondered, who has made this unparalleled Invention of Pencil?  Pencils have been our companions for a long time. Whether it was the time when we used to make those mountain-river paintings,  or while writing for our exams,…

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  • FactsSnapchat

    Did You Know About The Fascinating Snapchat Invention Story?

    Inventor of Snapchat Snapchat has been rated among the top three apps that are used globally. The idea of disappearing pictures is the trademark of this app and not only that but you actually get awarded for your snap score bah! Fascinating, isn’t it? Having said that, have you ever wondered who is the inventor of this brilliant app? Well,…

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