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    Mind-Blowing Facts About The Magical Herb Turmeric

    The name of this magical herb turmeric may have come from a Middle English word turmeryte or tarmaret or the French word terra merite. Although there has been a lot of confusion regarding its English name, the genus name Curcuma has been derived from the Sanskrit word kuṅkuma which can mean both turmeric or saffron. via- General Knowledge via- Archaeological surveys have revealed…

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    6 Indian Food Items You Bet Are Indian, But Are Not!

    Talk about the diverse cuisines all over the world, can one ever miss out on the Indian food? The answer is apparently a straight no. Indian cuisine is counted as one of the most ancient ones and still one of the most popular food industry all around the world. A real food explorer always has Indian food on his list.…

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    Would You Like To Have This Most Expensive Dosa?

    Indian cuisine is known for its immense variety traditional and regional food all around the world. With the blend of locally available spices, vegetables, and herbs, Indian cuisine has gained a mark as one of the best cuisines around the world. There are diverse cuisines within Indian Subcontinent out of which south Indian cuisine is known for its uniqueness. As far…

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    Did You Know About Indian Cuisine Before The Advent Of Chili?

    Indian Cuisine Before Chili Chilli forms the soul of every Indian household. No housewife or cook can imagine whipping up a traditional Indian meal without the use of chili in some or the other form- be it as red chili powder, or a green chili paste, or just chopped up juliennes. But, did you know that there was once a…

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