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  • Factsknight templar

    Knights Templar: The Legitimate Knights

    Knights Templar was a large organization of devoted Christians, 700 years back who carried out important missions: Protecting European travelers who visited the Holy Land sites and carried out military operations. Knights Templar was a wealthy, powerful, and mysterious order; their financial insights, military valor, and their work on behalf of Christianity are still circulating. Knights Templar source- Amazaon.co.uk 700…

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  • FactsCycle Of Life And Death in Banaras

    An Intriguing Cycle Of Life And Death in Banaras

    In Banaras, life starts from praying to the Sun God and taking dips in the water to immersing the ashes of the lost one into the river. It is often said that the essence of a city lies in its rustic buildings and the old narrow lanes. Even though the lanes are crowded and busy, maneuvering your way to the…

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