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    Is Meat Actually Luxurious Food?

    Think of a food item, the one you most enjoy, to be precise. Around 90% of the population would name the kind of meat they prefer. It’s no doubt that only 14% of the population is vegetarian, including vegans. Since kindergarten, the food chain has always been a part of our textbooks. The chain has been followed for centuries, and…

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  • FactsWhy do sceptics believe Global Warming is a hoax?

    Why do sceptics believe Global Warming is a hoax?

    Global warming is one of the most worrying issues in the world. There are several effects like melting glaciers, rising sea levels, floods, droughts, supercell storms, and increasing tornados. Rising temperatures impact wildlife and melting ice results in rising sea levels. Global warming occurs due to an increase in greenhouse gases which can be an outcome of industrialization and the…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Some Deadly Diseases That Are An Internet Hoax

      Fake Deadly Diseases The Internet is a useful tool. It has reshaped the entire world. To generate the user’s attention, jokes and fake information is spread every day on the internet. As a result, people rely on the wrong information. They start fearing. This usually happens in the field of health and wellness. Let’s discuss “fake deadly diseases” 1.…

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