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  • FactsJourney To The Ghost World: 8 Haunted Places In India

    Journey To The Ghost World: 8 Haunted Places In India

    Are you someone who happens to be attracted to the supernatural? Most of the people avoid an encounter with paranormal activities; many people explore the adrenaline rush of being surrounded by strange unknown. If you believe that ghosts exist, you are not alone. Ghost hunting became widespread around the world recently. ‘Ghost Hunters’ a television series which got famous: assertion…

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    6 Different Haunted Places in Mumbai

    So, everybody knows Mumbai as the city which never sleeps! Not many people, however, know about the haunted places in Mumbai that can scare the shit out of you! There are haunted places in Mumbai where the song, “Gumnam hai koi……” suits perfectly! Have a look, if you have the courage to visit these haunted places in Mumbai…. all the…

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