• FashionFashion Pieces Made Popular By Social Media

    10 Fashion Pieces Made Popular By Social Media

    Most of us are always looking to upgrade and update our fashion with the latest trends. With the rising popularity of social media, a huge number of fashion bloggers and influencers are becoming popular. A considerable amount of people online follow these fashion bloggers for inspiration. Some statement pieces have recently gained attention and popularity and are becoming more accessible…

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  • FactsRoyal Family rules

    10 Unusual Royalty Rules to be followed by every Royal Family

    Every family has a tradition. The royal families have centuries of traditions, customs, and rules put in place that are still adhered to today. some of these make sense and are rooted in history, but others are very specific and just plain weird. Going from a commoner to Dutches overnight would be overwhelming in itself, but over 1200 years of…

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