• Health and WellnessMajor Reasons For Severe Hair Fall

    11 Major Reasons For Severe Hair Fall

    Hair is the crown we wear forever, it plays an important part in how we look. Hair loss can be serious when hair falls but it is not getting replaced with new hair. Each individual can have different reasons for hair fall. Let’s look at the top reasons for severe hair fall. 11 Major Reasons For Severe Hair Fall 1.…

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  • Health and WellnessAloe Vera

    11 Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that has multiple benefits. It can be easily grown indoors and outdoors. It is widely used in cosmetics and skincare. 11 Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera 1. Aloe Vera For Burns Source- Verywellhealth With anti-inflammatory properties that keep the germs away leading to faster healing of burns and wounds. The application of aloe vera…

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  • Health and Wellness

    6 Step Guide for Long and Healthy Hair

    Hair is the most attractive feature we own. Changing a hairstyle brings a change in your look whereas hair in bad condition makes you look unattractive. There are several products on the web that promise you healthy and long hair but apparently, their promises are just empty. Hair requires good care. And, to get them onto it, follow these six…

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  • FashionThe Dangers Of Using Products With Chemicals For Personal Hygiene

    7 Dangers Ingredients Used in Personal care products

    Women these days are obsessed with using skincare and hair products. Social media is flooded with celebrities and influencers sharing their skincare routine and hair care products they are accustomed to using. From refreshing morning routine to daylight creams, from evening glam tonight care routine, every single part of the day is pushed to be accessorized with a bunch of…

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  • Self Care

    5 Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil

    Castor oil has enormous advantages and benefits that many of us are mostly unaware of. Our elders have used it for a very long time because of its healing properties. It is known for its anti-bacterial properties and has some amazing medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It helps in detoxifying our body and improves heart health; castor oil is known for…

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