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    The Power Of Feminine Energy

    In Hinduism, Goddesses are widely worshiped and celebrated. It is because we have realized their divine energy. But have we truly realized the feminine energy around us? That which is also present in our mothers, sisters, friends, teachers, colleagues, or girlfriends? It is easier to accept the power of the Goddesses but not the power of women around us. Let’s…

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    The Hidden Connection Between Nisshido Pallis, Kali Ma And Durga Pooja

    Calcutta is known for the grand, pompous Durga Pooja that happens during the time of Navratri. Not only is the festival known for the goddess Kali’s victory over the demon Mahishasur, but it is also known for the unusual custom of where they get the clay or ‘mitti’ used to make the goddess’s idol. via – ste.india.com For those of…

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