• Factskallu Doms

    Death and Story of the Kallu Doms

    A person attains Moksha/Mukti post-death and attains ultimate liberation, is a concept of Hinduism that equates death to attainment of freedom from the tangled web of life. In India, a community whose livelihood depends on this Hindu belief is the Dom community. The daily occupation of the Doms or Kallu Doms, as they are often called, includes cremating the dead.…

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  • History

    Know More About The Cursed River – “Karmanasa River”

    Via – India is a place where all rivers are worshipped. From the Ganges to any small river, we have some sort of mythological story related to our history or the Vedas. There is also a river in India which is believed to be cursed, and thus people feel getting in touch with that river water may ruin their…

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