• FactsWhy Should You Groom Yourself Daily?

    Why Should You Groom Yourself Daily?

    Nowadays the word ‘grooming’ is very common. It is inclusive of a large variety of things. Precisely speaking, it has three key concepts – your appearance, your conversational style, and your self-confidence. The term “groom yourself” applies to those people with self-beliefs, decent behavior, appropriate clothing as well as a positive body language. The way you converse, what you speak,…

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  • Facts

    Awesome Words With No Direct English Translation!

    Words With No Direct English Translation There are roughly 6500 different languages in the world, out of which English is said to be the universal language. However, there are so many amazing foreign language words that cannot be translated into English. Here are a few words with no direct English translation: 1. Saudades Via – SixthSenseStyling Saudades is a Brazillian…

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  • FactsEnglish words originated from Hindi

    These 5 English Words Originated From Hindi!

    English words originated from Hindi Colonization changed the world in ways both good and bad. Cultures from all over the globe came into contact with each other and it wasn’t only the costumes or food that adopted changes from other cultures. Even language saw a massive reconstruction in the wake of colonization. While English was made the language of administration…

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