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    Would you like to be privy to the fantastic Humpty Dumpty Folklore?

    Literature is the device of the ingenious. Writers over the centuries, have shouldered the responsibility of being  the social commentators, or perhaps more appropriately, social critics as they use literature to document the ‘present.’ The present as they know it, and as we know it, will tomorrow be history and this very same history will function as the foundation on…

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  • Facts

    Refresh Your Memory By Learning About James Watt And His Inventions

    The human history is categorized into three ages- Stone age, Bronze age, and Iron age. Some argue that Iron age is continuing while according to some Plastic age has captured the whole world. Whatever be their sayings, but the one thing we all know that all the inventions from a needle to the airplane that shaped the world is the…

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  • FactsArtifacts

    6 Artifacts in the World That Stumped Experts

    Throughout our history, humans have produced some amazing things. From pyramids to rockets, our innovation and skills have been displayed in thousands of texts, monuments, buildings, and objects. But sometimes, we lose the context of these objects. What is left behind are articles that leave historians scratching their heads as they try to figure out what the artifact is or…

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  • Historynicholas winton

    This Man Saved 669 Lives From The Holocaust

    We’ve all read stories about fictional superheroes jeopardizing their lives to save the day. But reading about a hero who saved hundreds of innocent souls in real life is a rare occasion. One such real-life hero, whose story remained untold for over 40 years, is Nicholas Winton, a stockbroker from London who saved the precious lives of 669 Jewish children…

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  • Historybizzare war stories

    Pastry War Read On To Know More Weird War Stories

    Bizarre War Stories We have seen many armed conflicts to date. Many of them managed to change the world forever. Here are some fascinating facts about Wars and Bizzare War Stories: The 20th century has seen the maximum number of wars. During the 20th century, War was being fought somewhere on the planet every year, and at least 165 major conflicts…

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