• FactsUnhealthy Foods That Are Actually Good For You

    10 Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Good For You

    Whenever we hear this word, all that comes to our mind are veggies, fish, zero cholesterol, or zero fat foods. From the day we started to differentiate food, we have been told which food item is good or bad for health, which should be eaten more, and which should be eaten less.  We always have that on the list of…

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  • FoodFoods That Can Lower your Sugar Cravings

    26 Foods That Can Lower your Sugar Cravings

    Sugar craving is extremely common among people. Almost everyone’s got a sweet tooth. People experiencing sugar cravings have a sudden urge to eat something sweet, and it isn’t easy to practice self-control, which results in overeating and crossing the daily calorie intake. However, various foods can help minimize these pesky sugar cravings. 26 Foods That Can Lower your Sugar Cravings…

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  • FoodFoods you must include in your Healthy Breakfast

    10 Foods you must include in your Healthy Breakfast

    You have been eating breakfast in the morning, but is it healthy? Then what must a healthy breakfast include? This question baffled me at first, but it does make a point. Are we aware of the foods we are eating while considering them ‘healthy’? From time to time, our elders focused on not leaving the house with an empty stomach.…

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  • FactsQueen Bee's Blind Sex: A Unusual Act Of The Bees

    Queen Bee’s Blind Sex: An Unusual Act Of The Bees

    As we all know honey bees live in colonies which are ruled by a single Queen Bee, and hundreds of male drones with 20,000 to 80,000 female workers bees, who provide food, fertilization, and wax to construct the hive. Worker bees, though they are females, they are unable to produce fertilized eggs. Worker bees have a life span of six…

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  • Health and Wellness

    All You Need To Know About The Foods That Can Keep You Slim

    This food article is dedicated to all the foodies out there! Ever felt that you need to lose weight, yet you are too lazy. Ever felt that food is the best part of your life is food, and every day is a cheat day? Here is the article you have been waiting for. Give the article a read and find all…

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