• FactsGerman Apple Kuchen: A Recipe Of Delight

    German Apple Kuchen: A Recipe Of Delight

    A lot of people don’t know this, but I spent a few of my high school summers in Germany with my aunt and cousins. I was learning German at school and my aunt was married to a German man so it made sense for me to spend a few weeks with them. One of my lasting food memories from those…

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  • Facts

    Desserts That Are As Instagrammable As They Are Sweet!

    Most of us, or in fact all of us have a sweet tooth when it comes to desserts, don’t we? And why won’t one be mesmerized by the gorgeous and tempting delicacies offered to mankind in diverse ways, right? Devouring desserts has always been in our blood, and even if you don’t have that soft spot in your heart, it…

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  • FactsOrigin of Waffles

    Do You Know About The Origin of Waffles?

    Did you ever wonder about the origin of waffles, the world famous comfort food, and the American staple breakfast? As a matter of fact, waffles have a very interesting history, they stem from the Western culinary tradition. The initial waffles were called obelios and they originated in Greece. Obelios  via – These were flat cakes, made mainly of grain…

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  • Factsfondue

    The Interesting Origin And Quirky Tradition Of Fondue

    Fun-Do-mental of Fondue A fondue is something that binds family members together. With a wide variety of fondues available across the cafes and dessert bars, many of us have dunked into the glory of the yummy malicious fondue at some point. Via – However, did you know this delicacy was born out of necessity and not merely for fun?…

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