• Factstouch wood

    Why To Touch Wood For Avoiding Hard Luck?

    “Touch Wood” or “Contact Wood” is a very common phrase and most of us, use it all the time. This piece of superstition is something, that numerous world societies follow. But, none of us know why. So basically, you make a thumping sound so that the spirit or the devil cannot hear what you are stating. It gives a method…

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  • Historybombay plague

    The Bombay Plague May Be The Reason Why Cross On The Street Corners Exist

    The by-lanes of Bombay or ‘Mumbai’, as we know it today, have been a witness to a lot of historical events from British invasion to floods, to terrorist massacres. The Bombay Plague One such event that has been long forgotten was the bubonic plague also called the ‘Bombay Plague’. Via – The epidemic of Bombay Plague occurred in September 1896.The…

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