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    Do You Know The Animals That Might Be Extinct Soon!

     Endangered Animal According to a survey, there are about 16,306 endangered species in the world. Death is a natural part of growth. Major death of animals on earth is the result of human activities. There are many species which are unknown to us. They are on the line of extinction! The list is as follows: Saiga Via: The natural…

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  • Factsflags around the world

    Interesting Facts Behind The Themes Of Flags Around The World

    1. United Kingdom – The Union Jack via – voaindonesia The UK flags around the world consist of the red cross of Saint George (patron saint of England), the Cross of St. Patrick (patron saint of Ireland), and the Saltire of Saint Andrew (patron saint of Scotland). Wales, while part of the UK, is not represented in the Union Jack, as…

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  • History

    Strange Features Of Vintage Cars That You Didn’t Know

    How much you know about vintage cars? We have history playback for you today! 1. Automatic Belts in Vintage Cars Via: Google George Cayley tossed the idea of seat belts in cars. He invented the seat belts which were further introduced in the automobile industry. If we ran back in the 18th century, we would end up studying vintage automobiles…

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  • Ravinder Kaushik Story Of India’s Most Famous Spy In Pakistan

    This is the story of a patriotic Indian youngster. A story about love and sacrifice for one’s country. A story about selflessness and courage. This is a story that not only brought tears to my eyes but also inspired me to write this piece. The story of the most famous spy Kaushik. The Birth Of A Spy Born and brought…

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