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    Are Coffee Beans Edible?

    People enjoy indulging in coffee beans, and not like you’re probably thinking. It might be a little-known fact, but some individuals have a fondness for eating them and, in fact, the coffee plant’s “seeds” are edible. A fan favorite is roasting them and smothering them in chocolate. The key is moderation since these are highly concentrated as most seeds are…

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  • Health and WellnessCan Coffee Really Increase Your Level Of Productivity?

    Can Coffee Really Increase Your Level Of Productivity?

    Have you ever thought about the link between drinking coffee and being successful at work? If you think hard, you notice that many people, perhaps yourself included, have taken up coffee drinking around the time you landed your first serious job. The main reason why people start drinking coffee at work is that it helps them destress instantly. Of course,…

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