• Factsunique christmas traditions

    Unique Christmas Traditions Around The World

    Christmas is hands down the favorite festival of all and sundry, all over the world! No matter where you live or which religion you belong to, you CANNOT escape the joy and ecstasy the spirit of Christmas fills you with. We all have our own Christmas traditions bequeathed to us by our ancestors. Here are a few unique (and at…

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  • Historysanta claus

    Here Is The Full History And Facts Of The Modern Day Santa Claus!

    History of Santa Claus The Christmas-y spirit is never complete without the jingling bells of the Santa Claus. I still remember hanging my petite little sock on the windowsill. Simply in the hope that Santa Claus would come around and leave an adorable gift for me. I would barely sleep on the night of Christmas Eve. And yet, I couldn’t…

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