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    Top 14 Mind-Blowing Myths Vs Facts

    Your whole life you have believed in many things without questioning them. But, its now time to reconsider your beliefs to make sure what you know is true or not. What has been said and done for an extended period isn’t necessarily true, hence let’s see the most believed myths vs facts. These will surely blow your mind. Shower Myth…

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    What Happens When A Chameleon Is Set In A Mirrored Room?

    Since our childhood, we are taught that Chameleon changes its skin colour according to the environment it resides it. Now, what if I told you that’s a myth? Via – Well, believe it or not. It’s flawed. Color alterations in Chameleon are reflections of its MOOD! Several notable biologists have studied the phenomenon of colour change. Some scientists suggested…

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