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    These Healthy Habits Help Breathe Better!

    Here are 5 habits that will help you improve your lung health. 1. Avoid exposure to Pollution Air pollution diminishes the immunity of your lungs and can make them prone to infections and diseases. To stay safe, avoid inhaling exhaust fumes and second hand smoke. Ensure your home is a smoke and dust free zone. 2. Benefit of Spices…

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    Black Pepper: A Great Spice Of Every Indian Kitchen

    What is black gold? Do you know we eat black gold daily? Yes, it’s absolutely true! Just a pinch of black gold makes our food very tasty and delicious. It’s spicy, very strong, makes us sneeze sometimes and also adds more flavor to our dishes……it is commonly called black pepper. Yes, black gold is nothing but a black pepper which…

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    Did You Know About Indian Cuisine Before The Advent Of Chili?

    Indian Cuisine Before Chili Chilli forms the soul of every Indian household. No housewife or cook can imagine whipping up a traditional Indian meal without the use of chili in some or the other form- be it as red chili powder, or a green chili paste, or just chopped up juliennes. But, did you know that there was once a…

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