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    6 Interesting Facts about Chocolate

    Did you know that chocolate has a superfood status? Chocolate is an absolute wonder that has its own section in the food pyramid. The most popular comfort food, chocolate is absolutely divine whatever form you serve it in- bars, cakes, ice creams, rolls, and the list goes on. Luxury chocolates like Lindt and Ferrero Rocher are classic gifts for special…

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    Dark Chocolate Miracles – Who knew dark chocolate can be this useful

    Are you stressed? Grab chocolate! Extremely happy? Grab another one! Now be fearless to have chocolate. Good news for all the chocoholics, studies have proven that having dark chocolate is very beneficial for your health. Loaded with nutrients, it can improve your health and lower the risks of heart disease. Quality dark chocolate with high cocoa content is quite nutritious.…

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    Have You Heard Of Anandamide – The Feel-Good Chemical? Read On To Find Out

    The human body is much complex than we can ever decipher. There is so much immaculate detailing on every inch that no amount of research and studies can help replicate what has been created by nature. One such surreal discovery happened a few decades ago when the researchers found the existence of marijuana like feel-good chemical in the human brain.…

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