Use These Summer Fashion Tips To Be On Top Of Your Fashion Game!

Summer Fashion Tips

If you wake up every morning and find yourself staring blankly at your wardrobe in a never-ending dilemma of what to wear, then you’re going to love what’s to come next! Don’t worry, because we’re sailing in the same boat. Since the summer temperatures have no intention of plummeting, but only topping fiercely last year’s melting degrees, I thought of treating you guys with some fun ways to stylishly combat them with some summer fashion tips.

Though most of you would be acquainted with some of my suggestions right here, I took out the time and effort just for you guys to experiment with my wardrobe, so that you and I don’t have to adorn those same passé summer garbs that we do every time this beautiful season arrives.

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Crop tops, shorts, and minis are going to remain just as classic as they always were. You don’t need me to educate you on their style quotient. But, what you could experiment with is the material that they come in. For example, you could incorporate more laces, mesh, see-through light-weight cotton, or linen blends with interesting Aztec or tribal prints. They are definitely more comfortable than the jeans shorts and more stylish.

Though whites and sorbet tones have always been a summer hit, this year try to imbibe one bright piece for that requisite burst of color in your ensemble. Try uplifting colors like tangerine, azure, or emerald. They always seem to take the outfit one notch higher in the fun quotient. Also, as wonderful as it may feel to bask in the sun and apricate thereafter, it becomes quintessential to not leave your skin completely at the mercy of those harmful UV rays. So, before sporting those brilliant shorts and crop tops, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. That’s the very first thumb rule.

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With that being said, what if you had to go for a more formal event that would require you to dress-up a bit more during the day? Something that needs a touch of sophistication or extravagance? You can definitely not wear anything that would expose too much skin. Well, fret not. I’ve got the answer to that.

You would think that there is no way you could outdo the good old white shirt and blue jeans combo, but here’s how you could. May I suggest you try light-layering? Yes! That’s right. Try to layer light-weight pieces together. For example, you could pair a really light-weight jumpsuit, short or long, with a long lacey or airy cardigan. Or you could sport one of that gorgeous yet comfy lightweight maxi dresses with cool prints while playing with the accessories a bit. When accessorizing your outfit, keep in mind to keep it minimal. Pick only any two accessories together. Either it could be a fun cuff and a statement necklace or a pair of iridescent earrings along with some nice stack of rings.

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If you’re looking at summer workwear, you could opt for some well-tailored pieces like crisp light-weight solid shirts tucked in organdy pencil skirts in subtle hues. Another cool option would be to wear matching light-weight pant-suits. Or how about sporting the pajama-suit look that so many celebs like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing? All you need to do is pair them with a stylish pair of killer heels and those uber-cool sunglasses. And you’re good to go. This look is not only formal but also extremely comfortable while keeping at par with the latest trend.

However, remember to keep the makeup minimal, as summers call for a fresh face and you don’t want to be looking like a smelting cupcake, do you? So go on, create your own uniquely styled wardrobes with these summer fashion tips and kiss goodbye to your summer woes!

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