Stylishly Minimalist Outfit tips That Work at Work and Play

It’s true: minimalism is a bit more complicated than the black T-shirt and jeans. But with a little creativity, you can still create minimalist outfits that are extremely stylish. In this article, we’ll show you our top ten minimalist outfits that work at work and play — tap into the minimalism trend for your wardrobe without sacrificing your style.

Minimalism is more than just wearing black T-shirts

Minimalism is more than just wearing black t-shirts. Many people mistake minimalism as a fashion trend, but it is a lifestyle choice. Minimalists strive to own only the things they need and to get rid of anything excess. Minimalism is defined as the practice of eliminating or reducing anything nonessential. A minimalistic style can be used by everyone at work or play. Start with a solid base, and add a few well-placed accents.

Stay away from loud patterns and designs, but don’t be afraid to stand out with loungewear

Certain aspects of a wardrobe are ideal for work, but not so much for the weekend. One of the biggest differences is color. Wearing loud colors to work is generally frowned upon, but there is nothing wrong with a little flash of color in your weekend wardrobe. The key is to stay out of the dark spectrum. Bright colors like yellow, red, orange, and pink are a great way to make a statement while staying out of the office. 

Patterns are another big no-no. While patterns can look great, they tend to clash with more formal office attire. Stick to solids and prints that are understated but still on-trend. These patterns have been around for years and will continue to be a classic. Think classic stripes, polka dots, and oversized checks.

Add texture for a modern minimalist look that’s both stylish and functional 

Sometimes, less is more. And sometimes, less is just…less. That’s why we don’t recommend that you go too wild with your minimalist style. But adding some texture to your outfits, like a bold belt or a scarf, can make all the difference. Texture is a great way to add personality to your outfit while still keeping the basic black, white, and gray tones.

The type of texture you decide to add to your outfit depends on your style and the design of the outfit you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a dress, you can wear a pair of tights to add texture. If you have a shirt with a tie, try adding a scarf around your neck to add texture. And if you’re wearing a skirt, a belt can add a layer of texture to your outfit.

Be mindful of your overall silhouette — it should be slimming when possible

If you’re wearing a bunch of graphic tees and oversized accessories, you’re probably going to look like a walking logo. You want to make sure your outfits are minimalist and simple but also somewhat classic and clean. If you have any curves, it helps to use slimming pieces like slacks and pencil skirts.

Don’t forget to accessorize — shoes can make an outfit!

When it comes to styling a minimalist outfit, the best rule of thumb is to stick with timeless pieces and not overdo them. Big earrings, chunky necklaces, flashy watches, etc., may not be the best accessories to pair with a minimalist outfit. Instead, try a minimalist shoe that is both comfortable and stylish. A pair of minimalist shoes will not only add style to any minimalist outfit, but they will also be comfortable and easy to walk in. 

A Chic Look With Black, White, and Navy

It’s no secret that the easiest way to get a trendy look is to take a minimalist approach. This means that the best way to get a chic look is to stick to black, white, and navy. This color combination is the new uniform of a minimalist wardrobe. You don’t have to be a minimalist to be able to wear these colors. You can mix them into any style and create a trendy look that is unique to you. And you don’t even have to purchase expensive clothes to wear minimalist outfits, just buy loungewear in Australia and rock your look for anywhere you want to be, work, or play.

A Bold Color Statement in Black and Orange

Fashion is one of those things that needs to be reinvented now and then. Many of the style rules we see today were indeed developed decades ago, but they still apply today. For example, the combination of black and orange is one of those timeless color combinations that can be used in any era. It’s a bold yet minimalist move to wear both colors at once, but it’s one that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

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