Steroid Body? Know It Before You Go For It!

Steroid body has turned into the most trending thing for gym goers. Steroids are composition of many hormones, alkaloids and vitamins. They are organic compounds whose molecular structure is four rings of carbons atoms. These are usually taken by people who intend to do body building.

A Lot of people are taking steroids without even knowing what is happening with their body when they turn their body into a steroid body. Yes, the article’s topic says all of it. I am talking about side effects of anabolic steroids. Before I can simply jump to steroids side effects, let’s first understand the basics of steroids.

What are steroids?

steroid body
source- Men’s Journal
  • If we talk in a simple language, steroids are synthetic derivatives of male sex hormone- Testosterone.
  • Steroids are available in different forms and they have numerous effects on the body.
  • It has been said to increase strength, muscle mass, and sometimes even reduces fat. The results are quick, I mean real quick.

How does muscle building effects of steroids occur?

  • There are androgen receptors which bind on the side of the compounds to the muscle and as a result, it increases glycogen, which increases its muscle size and strength, giving you quick results!

Reasons why you should not take steroids?

side effects of steroids
source- Healthline

You can take steroids in 2 forms- either needle or oral.

Oral steroids can be toxic.

The liver cannot tolerate high doses of oral steroids.

Talking about steroid injections, they are bonded with oil and can cause skin infections.

The irony here is that the more toxic the steroids are, the more effective are its results!

Here are some steroids side effects:

source- Youtube
  • Since steroids have a high dosage of testosterone, they can cause blackouts.
  • The person taking steroids experiences heavy mood swings very often.
  • Steroids have the tendency to accelerate baldness if it is hereditary.
  • The body is covered with acne all over. And multiple breakouts are very common because of steroids in body.
  • Gynecomastia/chest fat becomes prominent in guys taking steroids which if gone wrong, can only be removed with the help of surgery.
  • Kidneys are affected because of the increase in blood clotting due to oral steroids. Removal of these steroids exerts a tremendous pressure on the kidney to flush it out of the body.
  • Excess use of steroid in body leads to eye vessel damage.
  • It increases bad cholesterol i.e. LDL in the body, which completely disturbs the lipid profile of the body!
  • Impotency is something which can hit steroid consumers hard!

“Choose what’s good for you before you take your body for granted”

This was all about how steroids affect a body of a man who consumes them. Now let us know how does it affects a steroid body of a women.

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How do steroids affect a woman’s body?

source- Allure
  • As discussed, steroids are synthetic derivatives of male hormones. This means it can affect a woman’s body in a huge way!
  • Hoarse voice, severe hair fall, acne, skin problems, water retention, irregular menstrual cycle, or no menstrual cycle are the worst symptoms of steroids side effects.
  • People always say that weight lifting can make women bulky. That is absolutely wrong! In fact, steroids do that work; so the myth should be changed soon!

Key points: –

  • It’s not just about your health, but also about the law. Use of steroids is banned in most of the countries because of its fatal effects. If you still manage to get steroids, you are breaking the law.
  • Sportsmen are checked for their steroidal used. If caught, they get banned from the sports team they play.

Therefore, before taking any steroid know about it and its aftermath on you body. And avoid the use of it if really not so necessary.

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 “Good looks are important, but certainly not at the cost of your health and life!”

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