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5 Steps To Please A Woman Better In Bed

Physical intimacy with your partner can reflect in other aspects of your relationship. Its benefits extend beyond the bedroom, and you both enjoy an overall healthy relationship. Now stereotypes have broken, and everyone knows that sexual activities aren’t just about penetration. They are much more than that.

Still, many therapists claim that couples visit them, stating, ‘They could have a better relationship if they had a better sex life.’ 

If you find your woman not always in the mood for romantic bedtime, it may happen because she doesn’t find those moments pleasurable. Although women enjoy intimacy as much as men do, but only if you pay attention to their needs in bed. The same problem may be arising in your bond. 

So, how can you break those bedroom barriers and enjoy better intimate times with your partner? Read on to find out how you can please your women better in bed. 

5 Steps To Please A Woman Better In Bed

1. Educate yourself

Educate yourself
Source: Healthline

Understand that great lovers are made, not born. This is the point that can help you in your love life. Many people expect bedtime to be effortless and a thing just to happen. But just like other activities, being good in bed also requires time and preparation. Before beginning, there are so many things to learn, such as sexual health, techniques, pregnancy and STI prevention, and many more. 

So, make sure you educate yourself with helpful information about this activity. Books and websites are a great way to learn. You can also take the help of therapists and counselors. They can help you to understand your partner’s anatomy. The motive of educating yourself is, the more you learn, the more you’ll realize your lady’s needs. 

2. Accept the uniqueness of your partner

Accept the uniqueness of your partner
Source: VIX

Just how you try to know your partner as a person ensures you put the same efforts to know their body. What one partner likes in bed isn’t necessarily a hit for the other. When you’re spending time with them, try to communicate first.

 Ask simple questions like what they like and how they want you to treat them. Consider taking their feedback during or after the activity. 

3. Don’t expect them to act according to you

Don't expect them to act according to you
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The most common mistake men commit is expecting their partners to respond according to them. For example, many wonder why their partner is taking so long while they are already prepared to start. But everyone’s body reacts differently. Some may respond to sensual touches quickly, while others can take longer. 

So, If you want to be a good partner, give them some time. Observe their reaction to every touch and get to know what makes them tick. 

4. Care about their pleasure

Care about their pleasure
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This point should go without saying, yet there are a surprising number of people who don’t consider their partner’s pleasure in bed. That’s where most of the men make mistakes. You both are making love together. You must try to make your partner feel as good as you want to feel good. 

You can also try some toys to make the moment more enjoyable for her. It reduces your pressure off of being a sole pleasure provider. But don’t forget that you both deserve to enjoy bedtime. So, using a penis sleeve will be a better option for you. It helps in extending the length and girth of your part. 

As per the information mentioned on the page, many of the penis sleeves are designed like a thick condom, which can help you slow down the ejaculation. Hence, they will help you last longer in bed, and longer the time, more pleasure you both can have. 

5. Be sensitive about body standard issues

Be sensitive about body standard issues
Source: Medium

Women of our society are expected to meet the ridiculous body standards perpetuated by the media. We all are bombarded with fake and photoshopped images of women’s bodies. Believe it or not but this affects almost every woman’s self estimate. She might find some of her body parts non-appealing for having a great bedtime. 

Of course, you are not supposed to make your partner feel more self-confident every time. But you can help her to feel comfortable in her skin. No one has a perfect stomach, proper curves, and clear skin. So, rather than counting her flaws, tell them what you like about their body. Compliment them during those intimate moments. This will make her feel comfortable with you. 

Wrapping up 

Bedtimes are meant to add love to your relationship. But some mistakes can generate complications instead of love. The best way to know each other and explore mutual desires is to communicate. Yet, many couples avoid discussing such topics. Make sure you’re not doing the same. Talk to each other, know what works for them, and don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned points. 

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