Some great Drinks to keep your Stress at bay!

Stress! Yes, nobody, these days is free from the word stress. Stress is the manner in which your body responds to any situation or circumstance.

In this modern world of extreme competition, everyone goes through some or the other kind of stress. There are many situations that can shoot up your stress levels, it can be some work-related stress, study-related stress, relationship stress, or it may be some socialistic stress.

Now how to deal with it –  You need to eat healthy food which can provide you with extreme energy levels to deal with your stress.

Here are some great drinks which can help to keep your stress at bay:

1. Milk:

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Everyone should consume a glass of milk every day because it contains a wide range of nutrients. The calcium and magnesium present in milk lower down the blood pressure and also helps to reduce stress levels. Moreover, it also contains tryptophan which gets converted into serotonin in your body and aids to relax your brain nerves. That ultimately improves your mood and relieve stress. From now on, try not to run away from milk.

2. Black Tea:

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If you consume a cup of black tea every day for 6 weeks, it will help you deal with the post-stress cortisol levels.

3. Water:

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Water is an essential element of our body which plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our body system. It helps to release the endorphins which are responsible for improving the mood of a person. The more you drink water, the more you will stay stress-free. It’s the key ingredient to stay away from all the stress.

4. Cherry Juice

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If you are looking forward to having a peaceful sleep all night then you must drink 2 glasses of cherry juice a day which is like quite good to reduce the stress levels.

5. Green tea

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As we all know green tea is quite good for reducing weight but it also helps to reduce stress. So there are more than one benefits of drinking green tea.

6. Fresh Vegetable Juice:

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What comes to your mind when you think of fresh vegetable juices? Bitter Gourd Juice, isn’t that right? 

Yes everyone cringes to have fresh vegetable juice but you never know how much it’s beneficial for your health.

It not only helps reduce your stress levels but also provides you with high quantities of calcium, magnesium, and vitamins which are essential for your health.

7. Valerian:

Source: Herbal Tea

Most of you must have not heard about this thing . But, Valerian is a popular medicinal herb that is often found in tea blends. It is quite popularly known for capabilities of reducing your nervousness and anxiety. It can prove to be the perfect drink for the ones who are having sleepless nights because of its ability to deal with insomnia.

8. Chamomile Tea: 

Source: Medical News Today

Chamomile tea! You know it’s a great medicinal herb. It heals your wounds quickly. It gives an immediate relief if you are in pain. It contains glycerine, which possesses relaxing properties.

So, the next time when you feel anxious and stressed make sure you drink any of the above-mentioned drinks so that you can feel relaxed and refreshing.

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