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Analyzing Risks And Perks Of Lasik In Orange County

Know the pros and cons of Lasik surgery in Orange County to restore your eyesight.

Lasik is the easiest and most risk-free procedure one can go through to restore their eyesight. The demand for Lasik is increasing over the years as it has less than a 1% complication rate. If you are an Orange County local or someone who is going to visit the best Lasik centre in Orange County, then you might have numerous thoughts about the procedure.

It is natural to have thousands of questions in mind because no one would like to gamble with their eyesight. At the same time, there is no better feeling in the world than to wake up in the morning and not search for your glasses. Keep on reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Lasik in Orange County. 

Benefits of Lasik in Orange County

1. Better Peripheral Vision

Better Peripheral Vision
Source: The Conversation

Wearing glasses hinders your peripheral sight. This means your view of objects on the side is blurry until you turn your head towards it. If you are wearing glasses for a long time now, then you are probably used to them.

Here LASIK helps you to achieve better vision as your peripheral view clears up.   

2. Few to No Allergy Symptoms

Few to No Allergy Symptoms

Another reason that will encourage you to get Lasik in Orange County is its low allergy symptoms. Lasik patients claim that they suffer very minor headaches as there is no weight of the glasses anymore. 

Moreover, the contact wearers do not complain about red eyes and itchiness as they don’t touch their eyes to wear contacts anymore.  

3. Better Night Vision

Better Night Vision
Source: Rebuild Your Vision

Not only day vision, but Lasik surgery in Orange County will also improve your night vision. If you are living in Orange County, then you have to face city lights at night. Glasses reflect light, therefore making it difficult for you to clearly see the road. As a result, it becomes hazardous for you to drive at night. 

Also, frequent dryness for contact lenses is another big issue for the nighttime vision of contact wearers. Your eyes catch several reflections and glares, making it difficult to navigate the road at night.  

4. Additional Lines of Sight

Additional Lines of Sight
Source: Healthline

People with defective eyesight face refractive visions on their eye’s cornea. It manifests as additional lines of colorful sight when attempting to view something nearby. In most cases, the lines are very distracting. 

Although glasses and lenses offer temporary solutions, Lasik helps to cure it forever. 

5. Get Your Lasik Done from the Best

Get Your Lasik Done from the Best
Source: EuroEyes

If you are living in or near Orange County, then you are lucky to have the best Lasik eye center near you. If you cannot afford to travel to Orange County from another state or part of the World, then search for “best Lasik eye surgery near me” to get the best for your eyes.

Perks of Laser Vision Correction

Perks of Laser Vision Correction
Source: Eye Center

Let us look at some general benefits of getting Lasik done:

  • Takes less than 24 hours to recover
  • Requires no stitches or cuts like eye surgery
  • Takes less than 10 minutes for the process to be done
  • Provides permanent results
  • Don’t have to spend on eye accessories anymore
  • No discomfort during the process
  • Immediate result after the surgery
  • Cost-effective compared to eye surgery
  • No medicine required to recover post-surgery

Drawbacks of Lasik in Orange County

No one wants to wear glasses! I know; you too want to enjoy the convenience of living a ‘normal life’ without glasses or contact lenses. However, it is crucial to know the drawbacks of Lasik too. 

1. Compatibility

Source: Health Magazine

Lasik is age-restricted, which means if you are below 18 years and above 40 years, then you cannot undergo Lasik surgery in Orange County. You are not physically able to do LASIK above 40 because your cornea changes are high; therefore, Lasik won’t work effectively. On the other end of the spectrum, 18 is the minimum age to get Lasik.

2. Risks Are Still Possible

Risks Are Still Possible
Source: Healthline

Although it is very rare, Lasik post-surgery risk is possible. Common side-effects like blurry vision, light sensitivity, night vision issues, itchiness, dryness, and other discomforts may prevail even months after Lasik. Some side effects even become permanent. 

3Corneal Flaps May Occur

Corneal Flaps May Occur
Source: LASIK Complications

Athletes who are more physically active have chances of corneal flaps. Corneal flaps occur after getting poked or injured in the eye right after Lasik surgery. After Lasik, the cornea is prone to injury as they are sensitive for a few days to weeks. So, you should avoid vigorous physical activities until the cornea is fully recovered. 

4. Chances of Needing Lasik Again!

Chances of Needing Lasik Again!
Source: The Eye Institute

If you are within the standard compatible age for Lasik, and still your cornea changes, then you will require Lasik again. Thankfully, the chances of this are minimal to zero. 

Additionally, if your eyes develop bulging and ecstasia during the recovery process that leads to vision problems, then you will need Lasik again to help your sight out. 

Is it Worth it?

Is it Worth it?
Source: eHealth Magazine

Lasik is definitely worth it because all of its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If you are within the standard age, then you should definitely think about Lasik. Since this is a one-time process, you do not need to take the hassle of insurance. However, if you fear getting Lasik surgery again, then you can get health insurance

If you stay under the doctor’s guidance for a few weeks, then you automatically lower the risk possibilities! 

Final Thought

Whether you are a local in Orange County or deciding to go there for Lasik surgery, your journey is going to be worthwhile. I have clearly informed you about the pros and cons of getting Lasik in Orange County, so it should be your final decision; after all, it’s your eyes. I am not a doctor, but from my experience, I recommend going for Lasik and getting rid of an all-time burden—spectacles. Nevertheless, doctors are always available to advise you!

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