Refreshing and Preserving Your Balls: All That You Need to Know

When it comes to men’s grooming, it’s restricted to the face and hair most of the time. But what about your intimate hygiene? Your precious jewels below the belt need some extra care from your side. Keeping it hygienic for your partner is necessary. But your intimate hygiene is also related to your overall well-being.

The body’s highest number of sweat glands are found in the groin. Your buddy below the belt suffers from itching, bad odor, and whatnot. But with Menhood, you have the best way to take care of your bestest buddies. The brand has introduced an exceptional range of products to help you take care of your precious jewels.

Some Menhood products that can be used to keep your balls fresh are as follows:

Menhood Trimmer 2.0

Hairs in the pubic region can lead to increased sweating and itching. Use the ball hair trimmer from Menhood and let your precious jewel breathe. Get rid of the bushy growth below your waistline without any cuts and scratches. The waterproof technology of the ball trimmer allows you to shave even under the shower, and the process becomes less messy. 

The powerful ball trimmer can offer 7000 strokes per minute, and its battery can be recharged with a wireless charging system. The ceramic blades are more durable than your ordinary hair trimmer. The blades are pre-lubricated to ensure that the ball hair trimmer can glide over the skin smoothly. The hygiene of the blades increases as they can be easily cleaned and replaced. The Menhood trimmer also comes with 4k LED lights, making it easy to shave below the belt. 

Ball Shower

The shower gel from Menhood can be used on your balls along with the entire body. You no longer need to invest money in two separate shower gels for your balls and body. The shower gel from Menhood has dual properties, which means that it can be used to cleanse and moisturize your body at the same time. After a shaving session with a Menhood trimmer, it can be used under the shower.

Ball Preserver

The moisturizing cream from Menhood can be used to keep your precious jewels fresh and hydrated all day long. The anti-chafing properties of the products make them perfect to use before running, cycling, biking, or weight lifting. The aloe vera gel extracts in the ball preserve offer a soothing effect down there.

Menhood The Baller

The spray can help in eliminating odors from your precious jewels. Use it after a close shave with a ball trimmer and restore a fresh feeling down there. The soothing properties come from natural ingredients like eucalyptus extract and tea tree oil. 

It will also reduce irritation around your private parts and help you get rid of itchy balls. The ball spray also offers anti-inflammatory and anti-burn protection. 

Ending Note

Taking care of your buddy below the belt is not a difficult chore with Menhood’s exclusive collection of products. Level up your intimate hygiene game and make way for better sexual pleasure and overall improved health.        

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