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Which Leading Man From Dark Is The One For You?

German time-travel saga Dark has eventually succeeded to grip the majority of us into the crumbling world of Winden, where time is fluid and family trees are more like family wreaths (if you know, you know). Amid the disarray of missing links, connections, and changing equations, it’s easy to let yourself drown with the motions.

However, what does keep us hooked, are some of the most diverse male characters, each trying to fight the good fight, within the confines of his reasons. Take the quiz and figure out which Dark man and you make the perfect match. Never believe anything else.

  • Question of

    Life’s boring, time for Netflix and chill all by yourself. You choose to watch:

    • Friends. As if that’s even a question.
    • Breaking Bad. I live for the chase.
    • Black Mirror. I don’t need a reality check
    • Ted Bundy Tapes. Always up for a slash and gore.
    • Mad Men. It’s a jungle out there!!
  • Question of

    You wake up in the morning sweating. WHY?!!

    • You dreamed of your ex. Gasp !!
    • You dreamed of losing your loved ones.
    • You dreamed of getting caught cheating on your significant other. Red. Handed.
    • You dreamed of being thrown out of the house.
    • You fell off the bed.
  • Question of

    You’re getting late for class because of your late-night Netflix session. So you put on:

    • Something old fashioned, I’m a sucker for vintage.
    • A planned, color- coordinated outfit, can’t be caught dead in peasant rags.
    • Something black. I didn’t choose black, black chose me.
    • Nothing new, just me and my jacket all year long.
    • A new shirt, the last one got some blood on it.
  • Question of

    You need an accessory. Choose one:

    • A locket with your family photograph inside.
    • A badge for your cardigan.
    • A pendant passed down by your grandma.
    • An expensive watch. Need I say more?
    • Just my wallet and I’m good to go.
  • Question of

    A surprise math test is announced. What do you do?

    • Cheating my way to that A
    • Good thing I paid attention in class, can’t disappoint momma!!
    • But I worked on my vowels !!
    • Whatever you say, Sir!!
    • Just a little hint won’t hurt, innit?
  • Question of

    You are invited to a party. What do you do?

    • Refuse, I’d rather spend some time with myself
    • Accept, but stand in the corner and observe other loners
    • Refuse, I’m not much of a talker
    • Accept and be the life of the party !!
    • Politely refuse, I’d rather spend time with my family
  • Question of

    You return home past your curfew. What do you come across?

    • Lucky everyone’s asleep. I can sneak right in.
    • You don’t care, and march straight up to your room.
    • Your disappointed family
    • The house is empty.
    • Nothing. Everything is under control.. I hope.
  • Question of

    What quality would you cherish the most in your man?

    • His generosity and unselfish nature
    • His strength
    • His sense of duty
    • His loyalty
    • That he is family-oriented
  • Question of

    Which among the following negative traits would you be willing to overlook in your man?

    • That he could be a little rude at times
    • That he might be keeping secrets from you
    • That he may be easily influenced by others.
    • That he is indecisive.
    • That he isn’t street-smart.
  • Question of

    Lastly, how do you respond to trauma?

    • I take time to process it.
    • It alters my behaviour and I may yell/throw stuff
    • I keep calm and try to control the situation
    • I internalize it and carry on as normal.
    • It affects my mental state and gives me nightmares.

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Written by Vasundhara Gray

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