Indian Superstitions We’re All Aware Of! – A Trivia

Superstitions are what comes for us to believe sometimes from our society, sometimes from our own family or sometimes when we personally decide to acquire it. It represents our blind faith in something which is supported by absolutely no intellectual curiosity born logic.

Here are some of them, see if you recognize them.

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    What does it essentially have to mean when a black cat crosses your way?

    • It’s bad luck to go any further on that road or do that job
    • The cat is to be fed instantly
    • The cat has some goddamn place to go!
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    What if the milk turns sour while we warm it?

    • We should keep an eye on the temperature, always
    • Something unfortunate is going to happen next
    • Someone is going to die
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    When something made of glass breaks –

    • Someone’s gonna get hurt
    • We’ll have a guest
    • Something good will happen
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    If our left eye twitches (baai aankh phadakna) –

    • We’ll get sick very soon
    • An unfortunate event is going to take place
    • We need to go to the eye doctor
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    Putting a spot of kajal on someone protects them from –

    • Being recognized
    • Falling prey to any misdoing
    • Evil eye
  • Question of

    Which of these is known as the unlucky number?

    • 7
    • 13
    • 11
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    Hanging lemons and chilies outside our houses –

    • To prevent evil eye or nazar from our house
    • To drive away visitors
    • For something good to happen
  • Question of


    • It would be a sign that the work we were going to do will not be accomplished
    • It means we’ll get sick if we leave the house
    • Omen of death
  • Question of

    Putting a knife or keys under your pillow before sleeping –

    • Helps you fall asleep
    • As a precaution to fight a home invader
    • Prevents nightmares
  • Question of

    Not going near peepal trees after dusk –

    • There are ghosts to be found there
    • Unhealthy to do so
    • Brings bad luck

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