Discover Your Cliché Horror Movie Character

What cliché horror movie character would suit you the best?

The Horror Genre, – creaking doors, flicking lights, shattering glass, nosebleeds, eerie sounds. “Ah, the typical horror movie plot” you’d think and smirk, convincing yourself that you would be the most brilliant and witted character in one.

But what if, just what if you end up in a similar situation bursting out your fight or flight mode? Would you survive? Let’s find out!

  • Question of

    Imagine that your friend circle has five people including you. Which of these do you think would suit you the best?

    • The Mother. I just happen to care.
    • The Fanatic. I’m wild, and I love that about myself.
    • The Neutral. Being bland and simple is good I guess?
    • The Dogmatic. I’m opinionated, what’s wrong in that?
    • The Fusspot. I happen to overthink.
  • Question of

    Which of these labels are you most likely to be tagged with by your friends?

    • The Know It All. Don’t you be telling me I don’t know stuff.
    • The Party Animal. SATURDAY NIGHT BRO.
    • The Geek. Yup, I might have an IQ of 140.
    • The Antisocial. I love sleeping, reading and, wait did I mention sleeping?
    • The Daring. It’s Friday the 13th. We need to celebrate!
  • Question of

    Your phone rings at an odd hour. You pick up only for your ears to fall upon a continuous raspy breathing sound. What would you say or do?

    • “Your version of ASMR going on here?”
    • I’d breathe louder.
    • “Am I on the radio?”
    • I’d just hang up.
    • “Dad! It finally happened! The freaking Zodiac Killer!”
  • Question of

    You’re spending your afternoon alone, sick in bed. You sneeze, which gets followed by “Bless You.” What would you say or do?

    • “Okay, that’s enough internet for today.”
    • I’d sit still.
    • I’d tell my Mom I’m hungry.
    • I’d go shut my door.
    • “Siri, can the flu cause hallucinations?”
  • Question of

    What would you infer with the expression, ‘abandon all hope ye who enter here’?

    • That’s art right there.
    • Do people still talk like that?
    • The 1800s would have been hard.
    • Two words. Abandoned house.
    • Something that you’d see in a movie I guess?
  • Question of

    Picture this, you are all sitting around a campfire having a spooky story relay, when suddenly the nose of the person speaking starts to bleed. How would you react?

    • I’d stick a tampon up his nose.
    • Ask him if he’s okay I guess?
    • Nosebleeds and scary stories? You’re kidding me right?
    • Okay no, I don’t do blood.
    • I’d look around, just to make sure.
  • Question of

    Now imagine a scenario where you wake up from a sound night’s sleep, only to find yourself voiceless. What would you do?

    • I’d grab my phone.
    • I’d run downstairs, look for help.
    • How would anyone not panic here?
    • I’d try waking up. I’m clearly dreaming.
    • I’d seek attention. Someone would come up running for sure.
  • Question of

    A friend tries explaining how he felt when a portrait he had recently bought tried to talk to him. What would you say to him?

    • “Where did you say you got that from again?”
    • “I need to have it for a day to say something.”
    • “Look, it’s been a while. Get help maybe?”
    • “Isn’t this exactly like that wattpad short story we read?”
    • “Looks like you don’t need tinder anymore.”
  • Question of

    You just found out about the clown killing spree in your town of Wisconsin. Which of the following would best suit the way you’d react?

    • Everyone knows the number one rule here. Never be by yourself.
    • Buy locks, and probably build locks on those locks. Extreme safety measures.
    • I guess I’d go look for the It costume from last Halloween.
    • I simply wouldn’t leave my house.
    • I’d read, try to know more. Of course along with the staying home bit.
  • Question of

    You and your friend are engaging in a little gossip session in the washroom and suddenly you notice her reflection coming to a standstill even though she is still talking to you. What would you say or do?

    • I’d flinch? C’mon it’s reflexive.
    • Who in the right mind wouldn’t take a picture of that?
    • I’d laugh. That was a joke right?
    • I’d scream. Anyone would.
    • “Okay now, where are the cameras hidden?”
  • Question of

    Imagine getting this parchment in your mail. How would you react?

    • “That’s the new code from Criminal Psychology 101 right?”
    • “Hey, the weekly puzzle came early this time.”
    • Solve, solve, and that’s right, SOLVE.
    • I’d send it back to the address it came from.
    • Probably report this? Seems like tricky business.
  • Question of

    The most thought of yet the most ignored question, what do you have to say about the supernatural?

    • I believe in energy.
    • Really? The ‘do ghosts exist’ question?
    • I guess there is proof now right?
    • I’ve seen, I don’t know what, something.
    • I’ve summoned, let’s just say stuff.
  • Question of

    Let’s say you happen to get hold of an ouija board, what would you do?

    • Light it up, burn it down to ashes.
    • I’d give it a try I guess?
    • I’m gonna get to see the infamous Zozo.
    • Sell it on eBay.
    • Why meddle?
  • Question of

    Lastly, which of these antagonists seems the most frightening to you?

    • Slender Man
    • Valak
    • Samara Morgan
    • Chucky
    • Buguul

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Written by Aarzoo Mehta

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