#MIY: Here Are Some Super Easy Candles That You Can Make At Home

Want to do something different this weekend? Something which makes your spouse, kith, and kin happy? But something which would consume the least money! Then you must try our DIY Candles.

1. MIY Cup Candles

Are you fond of buying different types of cups? Or do you have a good number of teacups stacked in showcases?

Well, now use it in a different manner rather than just using it for drinking coffee or tea.


  • A Cup
  • Two bowls (1 small & 1 Big)
  • A wick
  • Wax
  • A stick
  • Match Stick


Do you remember the thread wrapped around the paper when you order a samosa at home?? Do not throw the thread away!keep it for your DIY candles.

  • Cut the wax into small cubes.
  • Put it into a small bowl.
  • Take one size bigger bowl and fill it half with water.
  • Keep it to boil.
  • Hold the smaller bowl filled with a wax cube on the boiling water until the wax is melt.
  • While melting the wax, you can add your oil crayons in it which will bring color to the plain white wax.
  • Now take the thread you received from the samosa vendor. Fold it until you feel its thick enough. As thick as the wick you see in your ready candle. But don’t forget to keep it long enough for your cup
  • Dip the thread in the melted wax. Remove the thread and twist it as soon as you can. Then again dip the twisted thread in the wax. Remember first to tie a knot on the stick.
  •  Now pour the melted wax into the cup and dip the wick made by you into it.. keep it with the support of the stick (tie a knot with the wick to the wick) so that the cord does not get sunk into your cup filled with wax.
  • Keep the whole thing in your freezer.
  • Remove it from it in 10 mins from the freezer.
  • Light it when required.
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2. MIY Bottle Caps Tealights

You had a great party last night with your friend and had a mess all around. All you see is the empty beer bottles and the bottle caps. Well, you need to clear the mess but do not throw away the bottle caps. Yes, you read it right; use it in your DIY candles.


  • A Bottlecap
  • Two bowls (1 small & 1 Big)
  • A wick
  • Wax
  • A stick
  • Match Stick


  • Follow the steps same as above of melting the wax and preparing the wick as of MIY candle No 1.
  • Now pour the melted wax into the bottle cap on which you have adjusted the wick.
  • Once you pour the wax into the cap, keep it in the freezer until its stable.
  • Remove the cap out of the freezer.
  • Your cap candle is ready.

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3. MIY Shell Candles

If you visit beaches, then do not forget to collect shells? And if you already fond of collecting them, then you will love this below DIY candle which you can make with the help of shells.


  • shells
  • Two bowls (1 small & 1 Big)
  • A wick
  • Wax
  • A stick
  • Match Stick


  • Follow the similar steps of melting the wax and preparing the wick as of MIY candle No 1.
  • Now pour the melted wax into the shell which you have adjusted the wick.
  • Once you pour in the wax into the shell, keep it in the freezer until it’s stable.
  • Remove the cap out of the freezer.
  • Your shell candle is ready.
  • You can use this same method in making a candle with apricot shell and egg shells.

4. MIY Fruit Candles

You can make more fruit candles more easily!! With fruits such as apple, kiwi, strawberry, etc.


  • any fruit
  • ready-made candles
  • A knife/ a scooper
  • And a matchstick or a lighter


  • Scoop out the topmost part of the fruit.
  • Try to make a small base for your ready made candle to fit in.
  • Now fit your wax candle into the fruit.
  • Your MIY candle is ready to light.
  • Note: instead of buying a ready-made candle you can use the above cap candle as its replacement.

For the orange one

Below are the instructions and requirements:

  • Requirements
  • All you need is one orange.
  • Oil
  • A Knife
  • And a matchstick or a lighter


  • Cut the orange into the half. Remember, don’t cut the orange from the stem side.
  • Remove the pulp from it without breaking or harming the shell of the fruit.
  • Now put oil in the empty shell.
  • Light it when required.
  • And cover it with the other half the shell.
  • You can also cut it decoratively.

Did you ever make DIY Candles at home? If yes then do comment below some of your works or about your experience.

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