Miracle Berry: Try This Berry To Magically Change It To A Delicacy

Change the bitter tasting foods into sweet delicacies by chewing on the miracle berry

Yes, you heard me right!

There is a mysterious fruit which alters the taste of anything that you have. It not only changes the bitter or sour flavor but also packs a punch to it.

This miracle berry has other names such as miracle fruit, sweet berry, magic berry, and rightly so.

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This fruit was first found by the European explorer Chevalier des Marchais in West Africa.

He found the locals picking the berry from the shrubs and chewing on it before meals. You would be surprised to know that the berries themselves aren’t sweet, in fact, they have a bland taste. But this berry has the power to turn any unpalatable food into a sweet tasting food.

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How does that happen?

This change of sensation happens because glycoprotein ‘miraculin’ present in the berry binds to the sweet taste receptors on the tongue and changes the sour flavors to sweet flavors. This flavor alteration can last for 30-45 minutes.

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How the fruit helps you?

Good news for Diabetics. They can now have the cake and eat it too! If it is laced with the berry for the sweetness of course. No need to skip the decadent desserts, or have unsweetened tasteless cookies to manage your blood sugar.

Miracle Berry seems like a boon to diabetics and those trying to lose weight. The berry is full of antioxidants and nutrients. Besides, with the use of miracle berry, you can enjoy all the healthy food which otherwise feel obnoxious. People who don’t like having citrus fruits or strongly flavored vegetables can now devour down a plate of greens without any complaints.

Miracle berry is also of great help to restore the health and appetite of a cancer patient. Often cancer sufferers undergoing chemotherapy and radiation develop a metallic taste. This is the reason for their drop in food intake causing difficulty to cope with the treatment. This berry has the capacity to overcome the bitter metallic taste and thus improve the ability of patients to eat better.

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Traditional uses of miracle berry

In West Africa, palm wine is sweetened with miracle berry.
It is also used to improve the flavor of soured cornbread.
It helps to sweeten bitter medicines.

It can be found in the local markets of Africa, USA, Australia. The fruit lasts only for 2-3 days. However, you can purchase the fruit extract in the pill form which has a shelf life of 10-18 months.

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