Living with Arthritis in New Orleans – Can Medical Marijuana Help?

Medical marijuana is building a fast following among those suffering from a variety of medical conditions due to its ability to help naturally control the pain and discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis.

What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana 

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for a variety of conditions due to its anti-inflammatory effects. These well-known anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal supplement for other treatments. 

The key to harnessing the potent anti-inflammatory properties and other pain-reducing effects of medical marijuana is to first consult with your registered physician. 

Medical marijuana is now legally available in Louisiana. New Orleans patients who wish to benefit from its therapeutic effects should visit where they can apply for a medical marijuana card for use in New Orleans

How Does Medical Cannabis Help Arthritis Patients?

Recent research has indicated that cannabinoid receptors have the ability to stimulate the repair of human bone. It is also well-known to reduce inflammation and help arthritis sufferers to deal with the chronic pain associated with the condition.

Anecdotal evidence from arthritis sufferers indicates that the use of medical marijuana helps reduce levels of pain, relieving the symptoms of arthritis. These patients have also reported that the use of medical marijuana allowed them to enjoy a sound night’s sleep.

Side effects of Traditional Arthritis Treatments

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatments (NSAIDS) reduce inflammation and help control pain. 
  • Newly developed versions of counterirritants can now be applied directly to joints. The topical applications often contain capsaicin or menthol and these interrupt the transmission of pain signals by the nerves in the area of inflammation.   
  • Steroidal drugs and similar corticosteroids can reduce pain and inflammation and act to halt further degradation of joints.
  • Other anti-rheumatic drugs can slow the progression of arthritis and help to protect the affected joints, thus preventing permanent damage.

RA Medication – Common Side Effects

The use of prescription medication can cause a number of side effects including inflammation at the injection site, headaches, and nausea (causing vomiting), secondary infections, and allergic reactions. 

Patients have also seen a lowering in blood pressure, and skin reactions and some have reported breathing difficulties. In some instances, there have also been vision problems.

The Medical Marijuana Alternative

Chronic pain is one of the most devastating symptoms of arthritis. This leads to both physical and psychological conditions such as anxiety, mood swings, depression and chronic irritation. The long-term effects of this pain can be devastating to the sufferer and those around them. 

Medical marijuana allows arthritis sufferers to control the levels of their pain. The benefits of medical marijuana stem from the compounds that it contains. These naturally-occurring chemicals called cannabinoids interact with the body’s own cannabinoid receptors to inhibit the transmission of pain signals. 

This in turn eases the muscle tension that often is a result of chronic pain. Joint discomfort is also eased due to the anti-inflammatory properties of medical marijuana. 

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Use

Medical marijuana relieves arthritis symptoms such as pain, joint swelling and stiffness. It should be emphasized that medical marijuana is not a cure for arthritis, but those osteoarthritis patients who have used medical marijuana report a reduction in the level of pain, less disrupted sleep patterns and a reduction in inflammation when compared to those who did not use medical marijuana.

Osteoarthritis sufferers and those affected by arthritis report:

  • Less morning aches
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reductions in joint inflammation pain

Can Medical Marijuana Help?

The anti-inflammatory benefits of medical marijuana have long been recognized. Research suggests that medical cannabis can reduce swelling and inflammation as well as help alleviate the other symptoms associated with arthritis. The cannabinoids in medical marijuana are responsible for this effect.

Those in New Orleans searching for relief from the symptoms of arthritis should apply for their medical marijuana card.

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