Lingerie Trends for 2022 Worth Knowing

Whether you love wearing the latest lingerie or are always looking for tips on how to buy underwear effectively for the special someone in your life, it pays to keep up to date on all the latest trends in this area of fashion. In 2022, some interesting undergarment trends are well worth learning about. 

Bold Colors Are In

If you love color in your clothing, interior design, hair, and other elements, you’ll be pleased to know that bold colors are trending in a big way this year in lingerie. There’s a significant appetite for fun, colorful bras, briefs, pretty lingerie sets, stockings, and more in look-at-me hues that enable wearers to experiment and think outside of the typical neutral, black or red underwear box. 

For instance, some of the shades being used by brands in 2022 are bright lime or forest green, standout orange, refreshing lemon and tangerine, sky blue, punchy purple, and more. Plus, you’ll find plenty of striking lingerie products made from multi-color fabrics. No matter your favorite hues, you’ll find some good options at your favorite lingerie, department, or online stores. 

Comfort is Key

For years, most of us have associated lingerie with either being sexy yet too structured or tight or skimpy to be easy to wear or so comfortable yet plain that we don’t want anyone to see it. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. In 2022, many brands are focusing on showing customers that lingerie can be both comfy and sexy, and the two adjectives can go hand in hand. 

It’s easier than ever to purchase pieces that flatter the body, feel good, and don’t need to be constantly adjusted. For example, non-wired bras are popular, including for women with larger busts, too, not just smaller ones. Plus, many customers are searching for and finding numerous products made from natural fabrics, such as organic cotton or bamboo, that feel silky soft against their skin and limit the risk of itchiness or allergic reactions.

Reinvented Classics are Having Their Day

Another trend to keep in mind is the news that classics from the past are being reinvented for today’s shoppers. Retro silhouettes such as 1950s-style high-waisted knickers and thongs are having a resurgence, for instance, as are the ‘80s-cut high-leg panties and 1990’s inspired bodysuits. 

Be on the lookout for bras, too, that fit into a classic shape or style but at the same time have been reinvented with something fresh and exciting, such as a different type of fabric, design detail, or color. For instance, mesh is popular at the moment, as is the use of satin. 

Add Sparkle with Fun Embellishments

Apart from going bold with color, as mentioned above, you might like to rev up your underwear choices in 2022 by choosing products that add sparkle, sexiness, and fun thanks to embellishments. As you browse for items, you should notice many garments with crystal or pearl detailing that adds delicate structure and visual interest. These additions can also work nicely to draw the eye toward the assets you want to highlight. 

All Hail the Shimmer

Similarly, shimmer is having its day right now. Transparent yet shimmering looks have become more and more popular in recent years, but this style is set to ramp up in availability in 2022. But sheer fabrics aren’t the only ones making use of shimmer. There are also plenty of lines that take advantage of iridescent fabrics, even those used for shapewear, to add more excitement to lingerie products. Be on the lookout for shiny, glistening options in bodysuits, bras, briefs, and sets this year. 

Bra Tops are Back

You should love this trend if you have worked hard to get your middle looking lean and your abs defined. Bra tops are back with a vengeance in 2022 and have been seen on many spring runways across many brands and nations. Fashionistas on the street, too, have been seen wearing bra tops with everything from leggings and jeans to midi skirts and under overalls. These products are both comfortable and quietly, confidently sexy simultaneously, and are likely to be popular for a while to come. 

These are some of the biggest linger trends worth knowing this year. Next time you shop, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores, be on the lookout for garments that cater to these trends and will thus help you update your 2022 wardrobe with flair. 

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