Did You Know About World’s Youngest Mother In Medical History?

Lina Medina – World’s Youngest Mother.

Many weird things happen around the world, which can make us think twice whether to believe those unusual incidents or let them name as a miracle. Following that here’s the glance of a story of The young Peruvian girl who gave birth to her son when she was just five years and seven months old.

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Lina Medina belonged to a low-income family from a small village Lima in Peru. At the small age of just five, after Lina complained about intense stomach pains, her mother and even the doctors who consulted assumed the reason of her abnormally big abdomen and the pain is due to some kind of tumor, but the reality was something entirely different. When doctors found out that she was actually pregnant, it left everyone in shock.

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On May 1939, Lina gave birth to a baby boy by Caesarian Section. The doctors also discovered that Lina had matured sexual organs from precocious puberty, which was very surprising. And her father was taken in on suspicion of sexual abuse, but he was later released due to the lack of any evidence.

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