Did You Know About The 11 Missing Days Of Agatha Christie’s Life?

If you’re an avid reader of crime novels, Agatha Christie will be a name you must have heard. She’s one of those amazing writers who could keep you glued to her book until you’ve reached the last page. But even if you’ve managed to read all of her mysteries, there’s a certain story we bet you may have not even heard of. Also, neither does this mystery include any of her fictional characters nor was it ever written about. And that is because the protagonist in this unexplored mystery is Agatha herself!

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A proud author of 66 crime novels, Agatha Christie has been listed as the best-selling novelist by Guinness World Records. Her books and short stories have won many accolades over the years and also have movies based on them. Cliché as it may sound; she first met her husband Archibald Christie at a dance. They got married on Christmas Eve in 1914 and lived a pretty tranquil life post the 2nd World War. But soon enough, infidelity knocked on their door and their lives took a turn for the worst.

Archibald was off to meet his mistress Theresa Neele, the day Agatha went missing. In the dark of the night, Agatha left her home leaving behind a letter for her secretary. But this letter failed to contribute to solving the mystery behind her vanishing. When the news regarding her disappearance went public, search parties were organized immediately. Soon enough, the police found her car deserted on a slope with no clues as to where Agatha could be.

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The news of her disappearance spread like wildfire. Even the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was brought in on this case. Since the case was going nowhere, the police thought that his paranormal insight would help. But after failed attempts at finding her, everyone including the police completely lost hope.

Exactly 11 days later, the police finally tracked her down at a hotel. She resided there under the name of Theresa Neele, the mistress of her husband. When she was asked about her whereabouts, she was dumbfounded. She couldn’t remember anything that happened in the past 11 days and how she landed up at the hotel. Her biographies and biopics have speculated their own theory as to what made her disappear suddenly. And this was bound to happen since this mystery could never be solved till date.

After getting a divorce from Archibald and gaining custody of their daughter, Agatha married an archaeologist named Sir Max Mallowan. She continued writing her novels, not once writing or mentioning her bizarre escapade as she had no memory of it. While doctors claim that she had amnesia and people claim it to be just a publicity stunt, there was nobody who could shed light on this puzzling mystery. All we can do is let our imagination run wild!

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