Why Isn’t It Advisable to Drink Water After Watermelon?

No one’s summer is complete without this juicy sweet delight called watermelon! Let’s just admit that a summer without watermelons is something we just can’t imagine. As soon as summer begins the fruit seller’s carts get loaded with big and juicy watermelons and so do our fridges! But do you know that drinking water after eating watermelon can land you into trouble? Let me tell you how!

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Although watermelon is a very healthy fruit containing lycopene, potassium, and a lot of other nutrients, it still can be harmful to our health provided we do not intake it properly! Watermelon contains an important amino acid called citruline which stimulates the production of nitric oxide which in turn regulates our blood pressure and enhances the blood flow. Some of you might have heard that water should not be consumed after eating watermelon, but did you ever wonder why?

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Well, this is what happens in our belly when we consume water after watermelon – when we drink water after eating watermelon, it affects our gastrointestinal tract. Because watermelon mainly contains water, sugar, and fibers which are useful for microbes and bacteria to expand, drinking water after watermelon would enhance the chances of spreading of microbes in our gastrointestinal tract. Also, consumption of water after watermelon leads to slowing down of the digestion process in our stomach and this causes acidity.

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Another reason for not consuming water after watermelon is simply because watermelon itself contains 96 % of water and it is not at all logical to drink water after a watermelon. Watermelon completely quenches our thirst!

But, do all these consequences stop us from consuming our very beloved summer fruit watermelon? Not at all! Watermelon is, was, and will always be in our summer food list! It’s just too amazing to be avoided! So enjoy this amazing fruit, but carefully.

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