How to Understand the Electricity Market in NSW?

How to Understand the Electricity Market in NSW?

NSW has more than 30 different energy providers retailing across the state. The state is considered one of the most competitive energy markets in Australia. 

You might feel overwhelmed when trying to understand the market as a whole. For effective electricity comparison nsw, you must consider several factors. Here are a few pointers to understand the electricity market in NSW.

Understanding the Major Brands 

While several brands offer energy supply services in Australia, three market leaders supply electricity to most customers in Australia. Origin Energy and AGL are the market leaders in the NSW energy market. These companies hold around 79% of the market share of retail customers.

Origin Energy is a public company and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The coverage usage rate offered by the company is around 24 cents per kWh, and they have had two decades’ worth of experience supplying electricity in Australia.

AGL is also another Australian-listed company. They are not simply retailers but are also involved in electricity and gas generation. AGL is one of the oldest energy producers and retailers in Australia. The average usage rate offered by the company is around 22 cents per kWh.

Energy Australia deals in the generation and retailing of electricity across Australia. They were initially an enterprise owned by the New South Wales state government. The NSW state government still holds the distribution service of Energy Australia, known as the Ausgrid.

Consider your usage requirements, available tariffs, and retailer discounts when comparing energy suppliers in NSW. Several reliable websites facilitate energy comparison in NSW. The usage rates charged by each of these suppliers may vary. Additionally, you may also consider the government reference rate Chile comparing electricity plans.

Apart from these giants, a few electricity retailers in New South Wales offer attractive deals.

Compare Rates by Other Market Players

Powershop is a prominent Australian energy retailer. The company has been in the market for more than a decade and provides electricity at cheap rates amounting to an average of $1040 per annum.

Alinta Energy retails across NSW and has been present in the market since 1995. They are known for their high-quality customer service and affordable rates amounting to an average of $1044 per annum.

You may also consider other players like Kogan electricity. The company offers energy supply services at average annual rates amounting to $1075.

Green Energy Options

Energy generated from fossil fuels forms around 90% of NSW primary energy mix. If you are looking for green and clean energy, Energy locals and other similar companies offer cost-effective energy plans. They are highly-rated and aim to minimise energy generated from fossil fuels. 

The average rate of green electricity in NSW is around $1070. You may also consider installing solar panels and other environmentally friendly equipment if you

Wrapping Up 

The Australian electricity market has numerous retailers, and a significant share of consumers come from NSW. Some companies are listed in the stock market, companies owned by foreign suppliers operating in Australia. Consider the rates, discounts, and services offered by different market players while performing electricity comparisons in NSW.

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