This Is How To Remove Stains From Your Clothes By Using 6 Simple Hacks!

How To Remove Stains From Clothes?

We all have nightmares. Nightmares where you wake up with intense fear and sweat realizing that something terrible just happened. But, the good part is that you do not worry about it because it was just a terror dream. You know what’s actually horrifying? Your nightmares actually coming true! STAINS being one of them.

There you are, wearing a white dress, having a perfect evening with friends with a glass of wine and then BAM! you spill your wine on that gorgeous dress. Besides the pain of wasting the good wine, you are left with a big patch of wine stain just staring at you; reminding how clumsy you are and why you are going nowhere in life! This is why we are on a constant journey to help you recover from such disasters. So, how to remove stains from your favorite clothes? Stains are not permanent if you make sure to use these simple hacks right away!


Use salt, especially in the case of rugs and carpets. Put salt along with baking soda on the stain. Wait until you see the stain go away. Most people might wonder how white wine could be effective in this case, but it actually does wonders.

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Rub chalk on the grease spot to absorb the oil before you brush it off. Use newspapers for a very large grease stain. Put piles of newspaper on top of the stain and wet it completely with water. Put a heavy object on top of the pile. Once you see the papers all dried out, the stain will come out automatically.


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Use egg yolk. Beat the egg yolk in a bowl and rub with a cloth towel for about 1 minute on the coffee stain spot. Rinse it thoroughly with water. The stain should come off along with it. Club soda also works in this case. Pour some soda on the stain and rub it till you see the stain gone. Baby wipes / Baby powder also helps in removing coffee stains.

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Use a clean cotton sock when it comes to removing deodorant stains on your denim or sweater. Wrap the sock in your hand and rub on the stain spot till the patch disappears. Never try removing them with paper towels or wash cloth. They seem to be effective at that time, but they actually make the spot bigger and might leave a permanent mark. Now, who wants that?

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Use milk. It’s pretty simple. Just soak the garment/cloth with the stain in milk and keep it overnight. Laundry it the next day and you are good to go! If you got pen marks on your clothes, another hack is to use hairspray on the affected area. The marks should come off. If the stain still persists, maybe it’s because the ink is not water soluble. Use nail polish remover on the area and wipe it with cotton gently. Once the stain is gone, wash it with soap and water.


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Use hairspray. It’s best to treat it then and there. When you see the lipstick smudge on the collar of your shirt, use some hairspray and let the area saturated. Wipe it with a clean cloth after a minute.  Another big winner to this is using a dish soap. Put the soap on the area and let it soak for some time. Wash it with water and you won’t see a single mark on that collar. Yay!

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We hope this article is an excellent guide on how to remove stains? We also hope that it helps you fight every stain and splotch which you are likely to get with common items in your house. Just be sure to test it before on a small patch to see if the stain removing method is compatible with your fabric!

Now, you know how to remove stains from your clothes.
Now, drink your wine at peace!

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