Wondering How To Prepare For Your First Rave?

Whether it’s your first time or you are a regular raver, knowing what to wear and how to prepare can be tough. In these events, it is important to be your true self and go all out with accessories and outfits. Here are some things that will help you get ready for the experience of a lifetime.


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Accessories are common among ravers. People usually have tons of customized bracelets called kandi. You can shop for beads with your friends before the event, and make different colorful or meaningful kandis. You might even make great friends if you are trading them at the party, which is why it is good to make extra.

Comfortable Shoes

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Most raves go on for hours, some even days, and that is why you need to make sure your feet are comfortable. Get something that is stylish, but still allows you to jump around for hours would be the best option. Closed-toe shoes will be better because people can step on your feet while dancing.

Loose And Breathable Clothing

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If you wear something stylish but not comfortable, you might regret it after a couple of hours. It is important to look good, but you should also wear something that is endurable. Girls usually rock out short shorts with different kinds of colorful t-shirts or costumes like angels, fairies, or cartoon characters. If you are more daring, go for rave pasties, nipple covers, or even lingerie.


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These parties have incredible productions of strobe lights, intense lasers, and visual effects, which is why sunglasses are a must for sensitive eyes. But you shouldn’t go for any regular pair, pick out something flashy that stands out. A new trend of diffraction and kaleidoscope goggles is also taking over, they will give an incredibly trippy experience if you decide to wear them.

Ear Plugs

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Screaming, shouting, and loud music are all part of a crazy rave. That is why you need to wear earplugs to protect your hearing without compromising the quality of the music. You should also look into getting a pair made of foam if you are planning on camping at the event. Ravers can be loud, parties will go on all night, and the soft plugs will help you sleep.

Shine Bright

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Ravers dress up in all sorts of crazy and wild ways, and that is why you shouldn’t worry that anyone will judge. Go all out with painting and glittering your body. You can wear put some on before leaving your house, or get it done at the event. Many ravers also wear UV gear to stand out during the light shows. If you want to do more, get neon paints on your body, and glow up.

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Think about what things you will need, not just during the rave but before and after it as well. Pack many wet wipes to take off all the paints and glitters. Take regular and portable chargers, your mobile will need to be charged entirely to capture all the great moments. Other things can include extra clothing, chapstick, and something to cover your mouth if it’s dusty.

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