How To Grow Your Fashion YouTube Channel

People are crazy about the different kinds of fashion trends around them. Quite a lot of youngsters very passionately follow and share them around too.

Now, YouTube has given a platform for anyone to become a celebrity. People who enjoy food, travel, tech, fashion, or have any other interests can start their channel, upload interesting content, and promote themselves.

So let’s say you want to start a fashion channel on YouTube.

Where do you begin? And even if you are ready to post many videos, how can you grow your fashion YouTube channel?

This article will help you get your first steps right to build a great foundation.

1. Find A Fashion Niche Before You Begin

The most common newbie mistake when starting your fashion YouTube channel in 2020, is going too broad. It may have worked a few years ago when there were fewer people making videos.

But now the situation is different. You can easily start your own channel with a single click on your smartphone’s camera.

In this case, it is very important to create a channel about a particular topic. If you are talking about fashion, you may want to start with “corporate fashion” and then go further into a topic of your expertise, allowing YouTube to understand the content of your channel and show it to the right people when they search. If in case you start publishing any video that you feel is right, YouTube will not understand what your channel is talking about and you may not receive the kind of traction that you need.

2. Learn Youtube SEO

The next thing after you find your favorite fashion niche is to learn YouTube SEO. You can have the best videos on YouTube and may never see if your SEO isn’t in place.

Remember, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google, it is owned by the same company so their search algorithms are very similar.

Here are a few tips to get your SEO right:

  • Have your topic keywords at the beginning of the title
  • Add a long description of your topic which includes different keywords related to your video
  • Make sure you add relevant tags
  • Write a comment in the comments section to initiate a discussion

These few pointers will get you started. There are many more variables involved in getting your video to show up at the top, and you’ll learn as you go. But until then, this basic framework can help you build the necessary foundation.

3. Keep An Eye Out For New Trends And Engage With People

When you’re starting, people do not know you. So the easiest way to reach a lot of people is to create videos about trending topics. A new clothing item is being launched? Create a video before anyone else and if there is a new fashion term about which few people know? Create a video and be the first.

If you can be the first for multiple topics consistently, people will end up on your channel. And when YouTube sees more people viewing your videos, other videos on your channel will get promoted in search and suggested results.

Another highly important factor is to engage with people who watch your video. Reply to comments, give them a heart, and be helpful overall. People will see that you’re active and not merely creating videos for the sake of it.

4. Create Powerful Thumbnails And Intros

The first few seconds of your video decide if your viewers are going to watch the video. So your thumbnail should be click-worthy. It should get people curious about what the topic is. And once they click through, your intros need to be very short and power-packed.

When you’re starting, you may not know what makes a good intro.

It makes creating intros very easy. You pick footage, add text, add a template if you need it, and export the introduction.

5. Make Your Videos Interesting

Search for any topic on YouTube, and you’ll find a lot of people already making video content for the same. Most videos will be low-quality ones, shot by people who are aspiring fashionistas without much knowledge on the topic.

You can stand out by creating very engaging, visual, and highly informative fashion videos in this case.

Let’s continue with our “corporate fashion” example. If you want to talk about “women’s formal trousers”. In that case, you can cover everything from the different brands that offer high-quality trousers, to the different shades that look great, to even the history of how trousers became common for women.

It will require research on your part. But because most people aren’t performing this kind of research, your videos will turn out to be longer, more informative, and useful to your audience.

6. Keep It Simple

You don’t need to be a professional editor when starting your fashion YouTube channel. You can go basic and use a movie maker for your editing needs. You can add illustrations or new stock images, video shots for demos of your clothing ideas, and personally come up on video to discuss the topic better.

People associate with people. So your fashion channel may work much better if you show that you dress well too, talk to people on the camera, and connect with them.


These are some of the foundational steps to start growing your YouTube fashion channel bigger. Once you have your first video published, don’t stop. Go out there and promote your videos to anyone who needs to see it.

Visit forums and check for groups and communities that follow fashion closely. If someone asks a question that you have a video about, share it with them. If many people are talking about a topic, create a video on it and share it within the community.

It may become difficult when your channel gains more subscribers who directly send you video topics in comments or chats, but doing this is necessary when starting.

So go out there, and become the fashion celeb that you want to be. You have all the tools at your disposal here!

Darsh Patel

Darsh Patel an Indian writer Living in Mumbai. Started this blog in 2017. I am the owner of this and many other blogs.

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