How To Get Your Kids To Wear Hats

Some children are highly open to wearing anything you out inform of them. They are highly curious and experimental and are very willing to try any hats, masks, clothes, or bags that you buy for them. However, those kids are not exactly very open to trying out some new clothes. This is especially true if you were the one that chose them on their behalf. These kids tend to have a very sophisticated taste and preference when it comes to what they wear. 

This can often be very cool and exciting to see that your child is very aware, even at such a young age. However, it can sometimes be a stressful experience. Most especially if you are trying to get them dressed to go somewhere urgently. As such, we decided to put together some quick tips and tricks that can help you get the kids to put on their hats and keep them on. This is very important during the hot summer when wearing owning some wholesale caps, for example, can be vital for skin protection.

How To Get Your Kids To Wear Hats

1. Pick Out Something That Suits Their Age

There are usually about three main styles that your children will fit into as they get older. And while some may start to overlap each other at certain stages, it’s always best to talk with them about what they like to wear at that point.

Flap Cap: This style is adorably suitable for young kids who are just starting to learn how to walk and talk. They are also ideal for sun protection when you are still carrying your kids in prams.

Toddler Hats: This style is suitable for those kids who are now starting to move around independently and are keen to explore their surroundings. It is especially during this stage that they need something that provides the right amount of sun protection. And the extra brim and coverage offered by the bucket hat make it the best choice for this age. Moreover, you can always opt to get some customized bucket hats if your child has already started getting picky about what they want to wear.

Broad Brimmed Hats: These hats are suitable for those slightly older kids who may need something a bit bigger than the bucket that offers wide protection from the sun. These hats are especially useful if they are going to the beach and require extra coverage.

2. Get Them To Like Them Early

Most of the time, if you see a child that is not a fan of wearing hats, it’s most likely that they weren’t put on to the trend when they were still little. As such, they never grew comfortable enough to rock them confidently. This is often why parents are encouraged to buy hats for their kids as early as possible. This will allow them the opportunity to get used to them and feel confident keeping them on.

3. Be Persistent

Try not to take no for an answer with your kids. This is especially relevant if it’s during the summer and the excess heat poses a risk to them. So, if they take the hat off, make sure you put it back on them. You can even create a rule that states that they can’t take off their hats while outdoors. Most often than not, you would be surprised how they will either start to get used to keeping them on. Or simply stop fighting you and submit to the no-play rule! 

4. Practice what you preach

The fact remains that kids love to copy what adults do. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the habit is. So, if you decide to always wear a hat when going outside, your child will follow suit too! After all, there is no better role model for your kids than their parents. And this extends to other family members as well, so make sure even their older siblings are wearing hats too.

5. Ensure That The Hat Fits

You should make it a habit to measure their head before making any hat purchase. This will ensure that you end up choosing the correct hat size. You don’t want something that ends up feeling too tight that it’s uncomfortable. Or too loose that it starts to slide down and impede their eyesight. In such cases, it is often recommended to get a fitted cap or wholesale baseball hats, as they often come with a strap in the back that allows you to adjust the hat size to a size that fits best.

6. Put The Hat On While They Are Distracted

You can try to put the hat on their heads while they are busy eating, playing video games, or their toys. Additionally, you can turn it into some sort of game. For instance, you can say that the longer they wear their hats, they can get a reward. You’d be surprised how the idea of getting snacks or sweets, for example, can motivate a kid to keep their hats on!

7. Allow Them To Choose The Hats

You don’t always have to buy a hat for your child by yourself. As you can take them with you or browse online for some. They can then choose the colour, design, or type of hat they like, then make their purchase. This will make it easier for them to accept them instead of trying to convince them to wear a hat that they may not like. This is especially true for those kids who are already style-conscious, girls most especially.

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