How To Find The Right Cannabis Strains For You?

Smoking cannabis is an intensely personal experience for most people. Some of us smoke it because it helps us to see perspective, some because it gives our lives the creative spark needed to make art, write or play music, while yet more use it to enhance their social skills. There is also another group of people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes and the specific pain-killing effects of some strains. Regardless of the reason you decide to take up cannabis, it’s important that you understand the laws in your state regarding marijuana so that you’re within legal boundaries when using the substance. As in many states such as Texas (where recreational usage is illegal, but medical isn’t), a medical Texas ID card is required. 

Most experienced cannabis connoisseurs will have a number of tried and tested go-to strains that they look to time and time again because they prefer the taste and/or effects. If you are a newbie to the world of cannabis, however, choosing the right buds from the myriad selections of distinct strains that are available at online dispensaries can be nothing short of bewildering.

To help you if you are at a loss for which is the right cannabis strains to try, we have put together this helpful guide for how to find the bud that will best suit your taste.

How To Choose The Right Cannabis Strains For You?

Indica Or Sativa?

Indica Or Sativa?
Source: Smarter CBD

If you have ever browsed the best strains of an online cannabis dispensary in Canada, you will have come across the terms ‘Indica’ and ‘Sativa’. These are the names of the two different species of cannabis that make up the vast majority of the strains out there on the market today.

The effects that Indica strains and Sativa strains provide are distinct in a few important ways. Indica strains said to lead to a more relaxing, full-body high which is great for reaching a state of tranquility and peace. These strains are perfect for people who use cannabis to relieve symptoms of anxiety or pain although not so great for people who like to remain active after smoking – many of the more potent varieties can result in couchlock.

Sativa strains tend to be more psychedelic and energetic. The cerebral highs that they provide are perfect for smoking during the day when you have things to do. Sativa strains will not inhibit your ability to socialize, making them a favorite among people who like to smoke at parties. If you are prone to anxiety, however, you should note that some people find that pure Indica or Indica-dominant strains can cause the mind to race.

If both Indica and Sativa sound like they might be your cup of tea, you can always check out a hybrid variety. Cross-bred using parents from both genera of the cannabis plant, many hybrids offer a happy balance between relaxed and buzzy highs.


Source: Medical News Today

If you have not had the pleasure of smoking that much weed before, you may be surprised at just how varied the taste can be among strains. While some strains like Blueberry smell fruity and fresh, others like Skunk #1 are more earthy. You can even get varieties that smell and taste something akin to pungent cheese!

The difference in taste among the strains owes to naturally-occurring compounds known as ‘terpenes’. Terpenes exist in all plants and are what give different plants their distinctive scents. However, the cannabis plant is particularly rich in these compounds. To find a variety that suits your individual tastes, do some research into the terpene profile of strains before you buy.

THC Content

THC Content
Source: Healthline

THC is the compound present in cannabis that is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling we get when we consume it. THC levels can vary greatly from strain to strain. Super-strength strains like the awesome Chem Berry D, Bruce Banner BX 2.0, and HulkBerry can contain north of 27% THC. At the other end of the spectrum, lower-strength strains like the mild Fast Eddy Automatic or Euphoria can contain lower than 10%.

Choosing a strain with the right amount of THC for you will essentially depend on how psychoactive you want the experience to be!



Aside from THC, many strains of cannabis contain CBD, another cannabinoid that can have some interesting effects on the body. CBD is not psychoactive like THC is, but it does have some well-recognized pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also known to be effective at reducing anxiety. For these reasons, strains which are high in CBD are popular among people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

If you want a strain that is high in CBD, you could try varieties like ACDC, Charlotte’s Web or Ringo’s Gift, each of which can have 20% CBD.

To Wrap Up

Choosing the perfect strain for you should not be a chore. There are so many different flavors and highs out there that experimenting with different strains can be a true joy. Although finding your favorite will be a process of trial and error, if you consider the four points outlined in this post, you should be off to a good start!

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