How Much Do I Need to Invest to Get an AU Visa?

There are many reasons to apply for an Australian visa, such as falling in love with the country, being offered a job, or simply marrying an Australian. Of course, you also need a visa simply to visit the country. Whatever the reason you need to be aware of the processes involved and that they can be lengthy. It’s a good idea to speak to an immigration lawyer Sydney to make sure your application is completed properly and fast-tracked when needed. 

While a visa application will always want to know about your current status, employment, criminal charges, and other relevant information, they will also want to understand your finances. 

The simple truth is that all visas are temporary. Therefore, as part of the visa approval process, it’s essential that the Australian government confirm you have adequate funds to get home again when your visa expires. 

The Student Visa

If you’re looking to get an Australian student visa you’ll need to show you have enough funds to get to Australia and to get home again. You’ll also need to show you have the necessary funds for your tuition fees, living costs, and any additional fees, such as school costs if young children are accompanying you. 

The exact amount will depend on where you are coming from and returning to. But, on average you can expect to prove the following expenses can be covered:

  • Student living costs of $21,000

You should note you’ll need an extra $7,000 if you have parents coming with you or $3,500 per child that is accompanying you. 

  • Course fees – upward of $1,000

If the course is less than 12 months you need to show you have the money to pay for the entire course. The cost of which will depend on what the course is and its duration. If the course is longer than 12 months you need to demonstrate you have the first 12 months’ worth of fees. 

It will be necessary to show confirmation of the court fees. 

  • Travel costs

Flights in and out of the country can be expensive. You’ll need to show how much a flight from your country to Australia is and have double this in your funds. 

If the funds to support you are coming from someone else you’ll need to show what your relationship is with that person and that the money will be forthcoming. 

You should note that you can generally get a visa by demonstrating your income for the 12 months before you applied has exceeded $62,222.

Naturally, these figures are in Australian dollars. 

Additional Fees

In comparison to the funds you need to arrive in Australia the fees are minimal. But, you still need to be ready and willing to pay them. The exact fee will depend on what type of visa you are after. It can range from as little as $145 to over $7,000 if you want a partner visa.

Make sure you have everything organized before you apply, it will make the process simpler. 

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